Viral ⴸiԁeο Shοws Cat Knοсkinɡ On Dοοr Like А Ηսman

Last week, Sheekilah Jones was waiting to catch her bus to work when a curious sound began to reverberate through the quiet, early morning streets — the source of which was not immediately clear.

“I heard knocking,” Jones told The Dodo. “[But] there was no one around.”

Scanning her surroundings, Jones’ eyes then landed upon this:

There, on a stoop a short ways away, Jones spotted a black cat perched atop a handrail near the door. And it soon became clear as to why.

As Jones look on, the cat proceeded to reach up and paw at the door’s knocker — indicating, exactly like a human would, that he’d kindly like to be let inside.

“I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Jones said.

She took video of the curious scene, lest no one else would believe it, either:

Evidently, the kitty had found a way of summoning his owner more effectively than, say, the quiet pitter-patter of his paws against the door. Unfortunately, though, Jones had to go before the cat’s wish was granted.

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Jones noticed a black cat standing atop a handrail near the entrance on a stoop a short distance distant. And it wasn’t long before it became evident why.

As Jones watched, the cat reached up and pawed at the door’s knocker, suggesting that he’d want to be allowed inside in the same way a person would.

“I was tempted to go and knock a bit harder for him, but then my bus came,” she said. “So at that point I got on the bus, still in shock.”

Jones’ video has since gone viral, racking up millions of views in just a few days — proof that a cute cat is always welcome into the internet’s collective heart. And especially so if he knocks.

She recorded the strange encounter on tape, fearing that no one else would believe it:

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