Sweetest Shelter Cat Loves To Hug Everyone She Meets

Zorro was a stray cat in need of affection, but he could hardly bear being stroked when he was taken to a Philadelphia shelter. When his coworkers realized what was hurting him, they discovered a nice little surprise he gives to everyone he encounters. Hug a lot of people.

Zorro arrived at the Pennsylvania SPCA four months ago in search of a new home.

“For a while, he was being fed by a good Samaritan, and she was so nice that she was attempting to find him a permanent home.” She couldn’t find anyone interested in adopting him, so she decided to take him to look for a home.

Blood was discovered in the kitten’s pee, which meant she required medical treatment right away. The vet determined that he had bladder stones, which explains why the affectionate kitty refused to be petted because he was in pain.

Zorro had surgery to remove the stones, and the staff instantly noticed something unusual about him as he recovered in the recovery area.

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Gillian explained:

“Zorro began snuggling with vet techs and nurses while recovering at our shelter hospital. He would give them a hug and stay there until they cleaned his cage, at which point he would nod his head and purr, sometimes even licking their faces».

Everyone gets a hug from Zorro. Everyone is smitten by this adoring kitten that lavishes unending licks and caresses.

When Kristen Nau, an SPCA veterinarian, was at her desk, she always had a kitty helper in her arms. While she worked, Zorro would cuddle up to her and stay for hours.

Kristen explained:

“Like a baby, this cat cuddles you.” While you work, he sits with his arms around you for hours. His fur is very smooth and he has the nicest mustache.’

“He likes to give hugs!” the staff wrote on Zorro’s cage when it was time to place him up for adoption.

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