A Woman Adopts A Kitten Who Was Found Abandoned In A Box With Large ‘Glass’ Eyes

Here is the story of a very special kitten. Porg was found abandoned in a cardboard box on the porch of one of my clients (I am a small veterinarian). When she found him in his box he had a large wound on his neck, which was presumed at that time to be caused by some sort of trauma. He was also a very small kitten, weighing over just 1 pound. He was taken to the ER veterinarian where his wound was repaired with stitches.

The next day she brought him in to see me for a full examination. I think everyone in that room described it as love at first sight! He was so unusual and I just adored his feisty spirit – I believe I described him as 1.3 pounds of eyeballs and sass. So when it was suggested that I foster him until he was healthy and oversee his recovery, how could I say no!? He, of course, came home with me that day and he became a permanent member of our family.

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At first we thought he was just unusual in appearance- he had VERY large eyes and a few other anatomical variants (like a smaller lower jaw) but otherwise, he seemed healthy. It was his large eyes that landed him the name of Porg, inspired after a creature in Star Wars. However we soon learned that he was not normal- things like grooming or scratching his ears or neck would lead to large recurrent tears in his skin, which is obviously not normal for a kitten.

So it was during surgical repair of one of these wounds that I performed a skin biopsy to see what the underlying cause may be. It, unfortunately, confirmed my suspicion that Porg suffered from a hereditary collagen defect, which is known most commonly as Elhers Danlos Syndrome. This is quite unusual in cats and is what earned him his nickname of a “glass kitten”, he is just so incredibly fragile.

We share a special bond with him and just adore him. It has been quite a difficult learning process finding what helps to keep his skin healthy and safe, but we now have our routine down and he has been doing great!

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Clothing has been incredibly important in protecting his skin. We are always looking for outfits that fit the best and provide the most coverage while ensuring he is comfortable.

Porg also suffers from an eye condition called lens luxations. Lens luxations have also been reported in some cats with Elhers Danlos Syndrome. At this time his eyes are well managed with daily eye drops.

We would describe Porg’s personality as larger than life! He loves to play and be active.

However, once he quiets down, he is the biggest cuddler and has the loudest purr.

We are so lucky to be able to share his unique and adorable journey with the world. Porg hopes to inspire others to open their hearts to special needs animals!

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