20-year-old Cat Finds Someone to Love After Being Given Up to Shelter – She Can’t Stop Snuggling

At 20 years old, Lady the super senior cat was brought to the shelter, scared, confused and lost. She was in desperate need of a loving home for her golden years.

Lady was surrendered to BARCS Animal Shelter (in Baltimore, Maryland) at the age of 20 due to litter box issues.

Her former family believed that it was a behavior issue. After a thorough exam by the medical staff at BARCS, they discovered that Lady is nearly completely blind and is in the beginning stages of renal failure. “Her aging, wobbly back legs sometimes make it difficult for her to get to her litter box in time,” BARCS said.

“After a lifetime of being a loyal and loving pet, she belongs in a home and with a family to prove to her that love is not conditional and to show her that even though she is sick, she is deserving of someone who will love her until her very last day.”

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Five days ago, Rebekah Carlyle, a veterinary technician, was at lunch when she came across a Facebook post about Lady. It just seemed so familiar.

The sweet tuxedo immediately reminded her of her previous adoption from BARCS — Minnie the cat — who was also 20 years old when they welcomed her into their loving home. “Minnie and I bonded instantly like I’d had her entire life. She was also in renal failure,” Rebekah told Newssolor.com

Four months later, it was Minnie’s time to pass on. “I was absolutely shattered. They sent me home from work, I couldn’t even function. I think about her every day.”

Rebekah Carlyle

Last Friday, as Rebekah read Lady’s story, she was stunned by the similarities and couldn’t hold back her tears. She immediately contacted BARCS and asked about the kitty.

The next morning, she and her husband, James, drove to the shelter to meet Lady. “The second I saw her, I lost it. I put my hand in the cage and she sniffed me then let me scratch her,” Rebekah said.

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After they finalized the adoption, they took her on a ride to her forever home.

Lady stayed under the bed for a little while then decided to come out from hiding and to be near her human mom.

“I started petting her, and she kept walking around me in circles then all of a sudden, climbed into my lap and laid her head in my hand,” Rebekah added.

“She stayed like that for about ten minutes then snuggled down into my lap. She reminds me so much of my Minnie, with a little more cattitude.”

Lady chirps at her humans for attention and throws her whole body into them for love and ear scritches. She prefers having her human mom beside her while she eats so she will never feel alone.

The sweet senior girl has some health issues but she’s been treated and is on a prescription diet for her kidney health.

“I will run bloodwork in a few weeks to make sure that is getting better. I am starting her on a joint supplement to help her little arthritic hind end,” Rebekah said.

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“I am so happy to be able to help another, I feel like I owe it to Minnie. They didn’t deserve to be thrown away after 20 years of the only thing they’ve ever known.”

Despite everything that Lady has gone through, she never stops loving.

They may not know how long she has left, but they do know those days will be filled with immense amounts of love and joy.

Follow BARCS Animal Shelter on Facebook. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

Watch Lady in this sweet video:

20 year old Cat Finds Forever Home

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