10-year-old Cats Share a Remarkable Bond, Have Been Waiting 6 Months for Their Dream Home Together

10-year-old Cats Share a Remarkable Bond, Have Been Waiting 6 Months for Their Dream Home Together

Two10-year-old cats who share a remarkable bond, have been waiting six months for their dream home together.

bonded older cats
Angus and Milo the cat brothers
Sarah Sylvester

Milo (tabby) and Angus (black) came to Nashville Cat Rescue when their owner could no longer care for them, due to health issues. They were 10 years old and had been a bonded pair since birth.

During the car ride to their foster home, Angus was very vocal while Milo was extremely anxious after leaving the place they’d known all their lives. “I set the boys up in my foster room, laid out food and water and left them alone for the evening to decompress,” Sarah Sylvester, who fosters for Nashville Cat Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

For the first two weeks, Angus took refuge in a small cubbyhole in a cat tree and only emerged briefly for food and bathroom breaks, while Milo started to adjust to his new living arrangements.

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tabby cat snaggletooth
Sarah Sylvester

Sarah sat quietly in the room with the boys and helped them acclimate by playing a variety of sounds and tones. “Milo began to slowly make his way to me for pets and scritches. He is more confident of the two, and led the way in forming a friendship with me.”

As Milo spent more snuggle time with Sarah, she noticed his greasy coat, dull eyes, excessive thirst, and other signs of a health issue. She promptly took the tabby to an animal hospital.

snuggly cat hug
Sarah Sylvester

“Fast forward one week and several tests, Milo was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. I, of course, was devastated,” Sarah shared. “This diagnosis wasn’t, however, difficult for Milo. He handles his shots with grace and patience and the blood glucose tests he cheerfully accepts, as long as he gets kisses afterwards.”

Milo has been so calm, brave, affectionate while undergoing diet changes, tests, and medical procedures (including a full dental). He is always in good spirits, lazing on his human while sporting his adorable snaggletooth.

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cat kisses
Milo was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes, and has been improving since
Sarah Sylvester

“I could not have navigated the onboarding of diabetes management with any other cat than Milo. He was and is a breeze to medicate. He is sparkling and shiny like a new car, and he has the best breath in town.”

Slowly but surely, Angus came out of his shell observing the world around him. He decided to relinquish the comfort of the cubbyhole one day, and take the leap of faith to accept his foster mom with his whole heart.

panther kitty cat
Angus (foreground), resident cat Sam (background)
Sarah Sylvester

“He loves to be in whatever room I am in and always be near me. If I am sitting, he is right next to me or nestled up touching my leg,” Sarah told Love Meow. “He is a bit skittish and is easily intimidated, but he is the biggest sweetheart.”

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For the first couple of months, Sarah didn’t notice the typical characteristics of a bond from the brothers, albeit they got along well, until one day during a loud storm.

cat asks pets
Angus is a love-bug and likes to ask for attention and pets
Sarah Sylvester

Sarah was at her office in downtown Nashville when the storm hit. She pulled up her cat camera to check on the boys, and was amazed by what she witnessed. “They were huddled together in the corner waiting out the storm. I’ve since observed the way they comfort each other.”

“(One night,) I gave Angus some probiotic paste to help avoid hairballs. After the administering was complete, Milo got up from his comfy spot, moved closer to Angus and checked on him as Angus licked the remaining paste from his mouth.”

bonded cat brothers
Sarah Sylvester

Despite having three litter boxes readily available in the foster room, the brothers prefer sharing one. In terms of dining etiquette, Milo doesn’t hesitate to move out of the way when Angus wants to sneak a snack from his bowl. The same courtesy is not reciprocated with the friendly resident cat Sam, whom the duo have befriended.

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“Milo gives Angus strength and courage, and Angus is a comforting companion for Milo. They are two older cats who have weathered life together and draw a tremendous amount of comfort from each other.”

bonded cat brothers, older cats
Sarah Sylvester

“Milo is brave where Angus is timid but both boys equally love attention and affection. Milo loves to be kissed on his belly, and if you are petting him and try to stop, he will reach out his paws and attempt to keep your hand close.”

Angus is vocal about his need for affection. He also enjoys sunbathing by the window with his front paws perfectly crossed.

cat paws crossing
This is Angus’ signature pose
Sarah Sylvester

Milo and Angus have established a bedtime routine with their foster mom. “They start about 7PM, way earlier than I go to bed. But every night, there they wait. Once I do settle in, Angus flanks my left side and Milo flanks my right,” Sarah shared.

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“They enjoy the stability of a daily routine; they thrive on attention and affection and they make friends easily when I have visitors. These boys have an abundance of love to share with someone very special.”

cat brothers bonded pair
They share a remarkable bond
Sarah Sylvester

“It has been an honor to walk alongside them on their journey and I can’t wait to meet the person they pick as their forever human.”

holding hands cat
Sarah Sylvester

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